Every Marketer Needs Inspiration

Inspiration. It gives you fuel to push you ahead in tough times and can even pick you up when you fall.

Over the years I’ve followed many blogs and figure it’s a great time to outline a few good ones. In general, all of the sites that these guys link off to are also quality, so they’ll also serve as good jumping off points.


Aaron Wall is the leader at calling Google out on their anti-competitive practices, pointing out how Google isn’t interested in helping businesses – it wants to sell ad space. He posts to his blog (and sends to his mailing list) regularly, providing deep and insightful information.



This blog is a must for any upstart company. They go through all of the usual product development challenges and dive in to analyze what works and what doesn’t work and why. By them sharing their painful lessons maybe you can avoid your own.

4 Hour Workweek

If you haven’t read the book, stop and buy it now. This book is the proverbial handbook for working in the information age. Maybe not all of it applies to what you’re doing, but certainly it can change your outlook. Oh, and the blog is cool too!

Matthew Woodward

This guy is a super inspiration for anyone trying to make IM work. Matthew opens his books and shares exactly what he does every month to earn money as well as exactly what he makes. Very inspirational and not over the top pushing affiliate offers like many marketers.


At the other end of the spectrum of SEOBook is Rand Fishkin and the crew over at Moz. Rand is a huge cheerleader of Google and pure white hat marketing practices. He provides great information, though may be a bit more Google-friendly.

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