YouTube Ranking Tactics that Work Today

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve seen at least three people selling products and services to rank YouTube videos.   Well let me save you money – here is the technique we rank YouTube videos FOR FREE.

Generally, ranking YouTube videos for most search terms isn’t too difficult because YouTube is an authority site.  Being an authority site means that Google feels it’s very trustworthy and so anything posted there gets favorable treatment in the Google’s results pages.  Videos are easy to make show up for long tail search queries – just add them, put the keyword in the title/description, and you’ll show up.  And of course good authority also means you can safely boost up your videos with lots of backlinks and not fear a Google penalty when you go for tougher keywords.

The strategy outlined here is what we like to use when ranking YouTube videos.  Of course we can’t guarantee results due to the many variables involved – competition inside YouTube, description optimization, backlinks built, type of query that Google returns, etc. But with this approach you should rank the majority of your YouTube videos quickly and safely.

The first time you follow these steps, be prepared to spend a few minutes setting up the necessary accounts and learning how the process works.  After that, each new video will take less than 5 minutes to rank.  Let’s get started…

[level-anon]Note:  This post is a summary of a more detailed FREE eBook.  For more detailed step-by-step directions, click the register for free link at the bottom of the page.[/level-anon]

Step 1: Make a video and upload it

The first step in ranking a video is to create one that people want to see, like, and share.  You can make a video using any number of programs including the free Windows Movie Maker (instructions at or Mac iMovie (instructions at Be sure your video description is totally dialed in, using your primary keyword in both the title, tag, and description.  If possible, make your videos a bit on the longer side and use videos instead of slideshows.

Step 2: Offsite SEO

Doing “off-page” work is usually needed for ranking videos with some amount of keyword competition.  The best way we’ve found to this is through both social signals (we use and traditional link building (we use blog comments from  Be sure that you use an appropriate amount of links + social signals as well as covering all your good keywords.

Step 3: Competitive Keywords are Harder

For keywords that are even more competitive, you’ll need to put a bit more work.  This can entail buying more links and performing manual link building work such as obtaining Google+ shares or FB comments on specific types of pages.   Additional details about how to find the correct pages to comment on is in the downloadable PDF.

Results Can Come Fast

Depending on the competition, you could see your video ranking in YouTube in under a minute.  Yes, really that fast!  As you work through link building and social sharing you’ll rank with more keywords, hopefully reaching your target ranking with just a few minutes worth of work and a few days of patience while rankings update.

We’ve seen them show up in as soon as a minute after uploading.


Download the full Insider Tactics – YouTube Ranking Guide.

9 thoughts on “YouTube Ranking Tactics that Work Today

  1. alan says:

    cant seem to log onto the full insider you tube ranking pdf

    1. Justin Anderson says:

      Hmmm… It’s just a free registration. Are you getting an error?

  2. Darryl says:

    Hey Justin your right, everybody and their mother has something to say about ranking YT video’s in the search engine people are selling from eBooks to software teaching folks how to ranking YT video’s. I shared your post here in hopes of saving some folks some money it’s a nice article with some awesome resources.

    1. Justin Anderson says:

      Thanks – much appreciated. Of course we all love shiny packages and want a silver bullet to make big bucks, but it just doesn’t work that way.

      1. Darryl says:

        It never does Justin, you’ve got to put in the work to see the results for sure!

  3. Haydon says:

    I’m getting a “No Access” error when trying to see the YouTube Ranking Guide PDF. I’ve registered and confirmed my email.

    1. Jeremy Boyd says:

      @Haydon, It looks like the issue might have been with our caching plugin. It turned cookies off for static files. Try it again, and if not, I can email it to you.

  4. Haydon says:

    Yes, I’m still getting the error. Would you please email it?

  5. Mike says:


    This is simply an outstanding report on ranking with YouTube. It brought techniques together that I was aware of but gives a step-by-step approach to execution. Thanks!!

    Quick question on the pdf full version. On page 3 you set up 5 Steps for the Video Description. Step 5 is described but I do not see where it is shown on the Image? How do you put the Keywords “next to the title?”

    Regards, Mike
    [email protected]

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