Facebook stealing millions from advertisers (part 2)

Facebook-Knowledge-Graph-300x168In our last post about Facebook, we outlined exactly how Facebook is blatantly stealing millions from advertisers.  Facebook seemingly overrun with bots, rampantly clicking Like buttons, driving down your engagement (due to fake clicks) and driving up your customer acquisition costs. A lot of people contacted me about that post because Facebook is still the best place to laser target custom audiences of prospects.  But the key is do it correctly. We posted a quick and easy tool that allowed you to build custom audiences, but there is an even better way…

Graph Search Filtering

Facebook has an amazing amount of data points on our likes and they expose this knowledge graph to allow us to laser target our ads and stories.  It’d be a great thing except for all the Like bots out there clicking ads and distorting both our ad spend as well as messing up our engagement metrics.  After all, if half of your likes are bots, your engagement level will be half, which could drop your post visibility by way more than half. Regardless, the graph is a very powerful tool for us to use – but we need to use it correctly (and not the way Facebook wants us to use it). The answer is to use the graph to identify a Facebook custom audience, and target your ad to just to that audience. (As a quick aside, if you want to see some funny graph searches like married men that like prostitutes, Jewish people that like bacon, or the employers of people that like racism, check out this site.)

Finding the Right Custom Audience

We were introduced to an amazing Chrome extension that enables you to define your target custom audience of engaged users.  That last part – engaged users – is the important part that we’re looking for.  You can really use your imagination here to precisely target prospects:

  • People who like flowers that live near you  [for a florist]
  • People from Mexico that live in the US [for ESL classes]
  • Females over 50 years old that live near you [for elderly fitness classes]
  • Fans of karate that live in the US and UK [for a training DVD offer]
  • People who attended the Affiliate Summit Convention event [for your own affiliate promotion]

And most importantly, you pick only the users that are currently engaged in those groups, commenting and liking what they see.  This helps assure you that only real people are matched, and not the Like bot army. After narrowing down your audience, you then extract the UserIDs and they’re ready to use in your campaign. The tool, Facesniper will save you hours and hours of targeting every time you launch a new ad campaign.

Creating a Facebook Custom Audience

Believe it or not, this is a pretty easy process.  After you have your list of UserIDs from Facesniper, all you have to do is import them in your Facebook ad account.  Facebook walks you through the simple process on one of their help pages.

Wrapping it Up

We received a great response with our first post on how all Facebook ads are costing you money unless you use custom audiences.  And while I’m happy we gave you a tool to help solve that problem, Facesniper is an even better solution.  I’m not afraid to plug something that’s even better, so give it a shot and let me know what you think!


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