Two backlink indexing case studies – one clear winner

A link is a link is a link, right?  Give me lots of spammy links and I’ll make internet million$!

While that used to be a viable strategy, everyone knows that now good, high quality links are the backbone of any SEO effort.  And what is the best way we can directly measure backlink quality?

SImply, whether or not the link is indexed.

Since 90+% links will go unindexed and unfound by Google, any link building effort has to include indexing as a part of the overall strategy.  To do otherwise is literally wasting 90% of your link building money.

Want to know the secret?

One of our affiliated services – OneHourIndexing – has been reviewed twice in the last couple of weeks and comes out clearly on top in both case studies.

Matthew Woodward Backlink Indexing Case Study

Matthew is a high profile SEO who is famous for picking out great products and slamming anything that’s pure hype.  He took a look at  the top indexing services (Indexification, Linkdexed, Pingfarm, and One Hour Indexing) and found that:

  • One Hour Indexing  gets 100% more links indexed than the nearest competitor.
  • Indexificatoin’s indexing rate goes down over time, which is probably due to the link building they do to assist in indexing.   (Links go away or devalued, indexing drops accordingly)
  • Two services – Ping Farm and Lindexed – actually HURT indexing rate!

Black Hat Backlink Indexing Case Study

When expert level SEOs get together, amazing strategies are formulated and tested.  In this case, a black hatter put together a case study showing a comparison of all of the top pinging, crawling, and indexing services.  One Hour Indexing came out the clear winner, with SENukeX’s product coming in second.  You can grab a copy of the report from the post here on the site.

I’m excited to share this information because it validates the work that we do.  Hopefully you agree!

BTW – There is a 25% recurring affiliate program for OneHourIndexing if you’re interested.

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