Two MAJOR Google ranking updates you NEED to know


Google has made a couple of big changes that you need to be aware of. If you’re doing SEO, you’ll definitely need to take these into account.   These changes impact both the link builders as well as the pure white hat content authors.

Is Google out to get us?  Are they just trying to make it harder on small businesses so more people are driven to AdWords?  You decide…

Page 1 Ranking Delay


Several threads throughout the forums and people in my private mastermind groups have talked about a new delay that Google added back in May. It seems that now new pages/sites can take a month to start ranking, whereas before it could be done in a week or less (especially for QDF content). There is still uncertainty about exactly how this delay works and whether it’s a site penalty or a penalty placed on new links, but it seems that it impacts almost all non-authority sites. You can read it a bit more at BHW and SEO Traffic Hacks.

Removal of G+ Author Photos in the SERPs


In the past, if you linked your G+ profile to your web site, all pages that ranked would have your name and photo next to the SERP result. As we know, listings with photos got significantly more clicks, so this was really valuable. BUT Google, in their typical sneaky fashion, are still showing the photo on G+ profiles that are ranking. In other words, your article on your site will no longer have the photo but your G+ profile that links to the article will have the photo. (Of course this isn’t meant to drive more traffic to G+ with that fancy photo, is it?) You can read a great analysis of this over at eConsultancy and  State of Digital.

So what’s the big takeaway here?

  1. Google is trying to frustrate SEOs with the ranking delay change and puts even more focus on big brands. If small business can’t rank, of course only AdWords can solve that problem.
  2. Google is doing whatever it can to push its G+, even at the expense of quality in the SERPs (our authorship profile showing up).

Google isn’t our friend and isn’t out to help small business. Remember this fact and use it to inspire you to work even harder to succeed. Your success depends on YOUR work, not Google’s favor.

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