Top 9 Viral Traffic Sites

Top 9 Viral Traffic Sites – Number 4 Will Surprise You!


During your journey through cyberspace, you are bound to have stumbled upon TONS of viral content whether you realize it or not and chances are you even helped spread the infection the moment you “liked” or “shared” what you found so interesting.  Not to worry though- while viral content is extremely contagious it’s not harmful and the side effects usually only last a couple of weeks (or until the next big thing hits the airwaves)!


Social media is FULL of viral content because it hosts the perfect breeding ground: millions of users, easy sharing access, and gives users the chance to get their stuff seen worldwide in a matter of hours or days.


*It pays to note that just because you upload something to a social media site like Facebook or YouTube doesn’t necessarily guarantee that it’ll catch on.  Your content needs to be fresh, exciting, unique, and draw the reader in.  Also, don’t be discouraged if your stuff doesn’t spread as fast as a common cold; these things take time, patience, and effort.

Why You SHOULD Care about Viral Traffic (Especially if Your Business/Brand is Online)


So you’re probably thinking about how fun it sounds to go viral and also thinking about how it really only helps out the younger generation who are trying to create the next PewDiePie channel or trying to convince others that their LolCat is the best one yet.  While it certainly is true that the younger crowds are drawn to the process and definitely benefit from it, your business could easily do the same.


Having your content go viral means a lot of things for you, your brand, and your business:

  • You can reach a huge number of people with very little effort- While Internet Marketing and SEO are great ways of finding potential customers, both of these tactics can take time (and money) to turn over anything worthwhile. Sharing your content via social media sites and having it go viral means that people will do the networking part for you by sharing it.  Obviously this means you can reach a lot of people with very little effort on your part!
  • It’s cheap- The only money that going viral should cost you is whatever time and dollar amount you put into your advertisement. Sharing your stuff on a website and allowing others to pass it around costs you absolutely nothing. Also, the bulk of social media sites don’t charge you to sign up!
  • People tend to be more interested in social media shares than standard advertisements- Everyday, millions of people log onto Facebook and waste time scrolling through their newsfeed to see what their friends are doing/sharing/liking. If they see your advertisement on a friend’s page instead of in their email or on the side of their screen, they’re much more likely to click it.
  • You can make some serious cash- Obviously drawing in new customers is a great way to make money, but you can also get paid for your advertisements. This is how users like JennaMarbles are able to stay at home and make videos all day rather than going out and working a 9 to 5 job.

Now, for Our Top 9 List


“As social feeds like Twitter and Facebook become a significant source of referral traffic for online publishers,  content creators like The New York Times compete with content aggregators like Upworthy for the same likes and retweets, hoping an article makes its way into a person’s linear timeline.  And so far in the war for an appearance on your timeline, the content aggregators might be winning: in November, a high-water mark for many web sites, BuzzFeed boasted 130 million monthly unique visitors and Upworthy said it received 87 million unique visitors — numbers that far outstrip any traditional media outlet.”  Let’s take a look at some of the websites taking the World Wide Web by storm:

  1. Buzzfeed- This is your stereotypical “bored-at-work network” that helps you pass the time by shoving an overload of content into your face. Want to take a quiz to see which celebrity you’re most like it?  They got it.  Want to read an interesting article to see what exactly that blurry image is?  Click here!  Interested in seeing some cute baby animals?  Buzzfeed can help you with that too.  The website even makes it painstakingly easy to share your results/interests with your friends by attaching a Facebook and Twitter link at the bottom of each section.
  2. Upworthy- If you’re looking for something a little deeper than fun quizzes and mindless entertainment, then Upworthy is perfect for you. “The headlines, which Upworthy’s editors toil over, leave much to be desired and tug at heart strings.  Although there’s little more to the stories than something visual, like an infographic or a video, many of the posts are shared by millions of people on social media platforms.”  Either way, Upworthy boasts a huge Facebook following since their stories tend to play on the emotions of others and users can’t wait to share the touchy feely goodness with their friends.
  3. ViralNova- Following in the footsteps of Upworthy, ViralNova features stories that are “heartwarming, devastating, unforgettable, awesome, heartwarming, unbelievable, cute and heartwarming.” (Heartwarming of course being one of the key elements to their stories).  Just like Upworthy, users cannot wait to share with their friends the story of Billy the Goat who was rescued from a well and went on to save his owner from drowning in a lake.  While most of the stories are fictional or largely exaggerated, it doesn’t stop users from clicking the share button in a hurry.
  4. Zergnet- Chances are you probably haven’t heard of this website or maybe you were expecting a different website. Zergnet resembles in its layout in that it shoves all of its contents right in your face and leaves little room at the time for search or sorting options.  And why should it?  After all, anything you need or could possibly want to know is right in front of your face including plenty that you didn’t even know you wanted to see.
  5. Distractify-Your run of the mill, stereotypical “kill time looking at articles/pictures/etc. rather than doing actual work” website. While this website focuses primarily on the usual viral content, it does feature some latest event stories like the first woman to ever complete the American Ninja Warrior.  However, if keeping up with the latest happenings in the world around you isn’t your style, you can always opt to why “one tiny paw somehow makes cute animals even cuter.”
  6. Ranker- This website focuses primarily on list-making and voting while still maintaining a sense of humor and entertainment. Want to see hilarious gifs of people hurting themselves or aching to see the top 10 hottest cosplayers?  Well, this website can definitely point you in the right direction!  And as an added bonus, you get to vote on what you like/don’t like.
  7. If you are on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, or Reddit and have seen any images, you are bound to have seen some content from this site. Basically anything image related is what this website has to offer so if you are looking for cute pictures, hilarious videos, or touchy feely stories, start here.  It initially started out as image hosting for Reddit but has grown to be much larger now.
  8. IJournalReview- A Conservative journal that offers people something more than just mindless entertainment. If you feel guilty wasting time at work looking at pictures of people hurting themselves and want to feel a little better about how you kill time on the job, then this is definitely the place for you.  It also helps you stay in the loop with all things politics while remaining as unbiased as possible.
  9. KnowMore- Want to make time go by faster while at work AND keep up with what’s happening in the world around you? Then check out this website because it offers real up to date news stories to keep you in the loop with what’s happening outside your office doors.
Site Name Traffic Numbers Alexa Number Misc. Information
 Buzzfeed 150,000,000 126 400 employees
Upworthy 45,000,000 429 No ad budget
ViralNova 29,000,000 591 $46m from investors
Zergnet 26,000,000 1179 Sends traffic back to websites via clicks
Distractify 25,000,000 1624 Less than 1 year old
Ranker 12,000,000 1658 Allows you to vote on articles
Ilovedogs 100,000 or less 440,779 Visited mostly by college students
IJournalReview 1,000,000 1756 Only 10 employees
KnowMore 100,000 or less 819 2008 groundswell award



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