Our standard SEO ranking recipe

Practically every day I get emails asking how to rank a site.   I love to help but there are a lot of variables at play.

  • What link building has already been done?
  • What keywords are being targeted?
  • What’s the competition like?  Strong?
  • Is on page optimization done correctly?
  • What niche is the site in?
  • Any penalties?  Manual actions?
  • What is Google using as their favorite ranking signals these days?  Penalties?

Clearly there isn’t an easy answer to ranking because it depends on all the above factors and more.  But I have a standard recipe that I use and tweak based upon those details…

Standard disclaimer:  While this works great for me, you may find different results.  Always consult an SEO professional to fully understand the risks and rewards for any SEO plan.

  • Get your on-page optimized. Make sure you are NOT keyword stuffing.
  • Buy a small press release gig on Fiverr (100 links instead of 250 or 1000). Use the URL as your keyword for this.
  • Buy a small high PR social bookmark gig on Fiverr.
  • Buy 10 home page links at HighPRSociety.co.
  • Create a project of 50 links per day at DripFeedLinks (DFL) links. Use the site URL as your keyword. Do this for two weeks and then stop.
  • Create a second project for all of the remaining links you have at DFL. Point those links to the two Fiverr gigs instead of your main site. This is called building a link pyramid or boosting your backlinks and is a main strategy for safe link building.
  • Point 100-200 social signals to your site from SocialAdr.
  • Point 1000+ social signals to your Fiverr gigs.
  • Feed all of your link that are built into One Hour Indexing so you know Google finds them.

After doing the above steps, wait two weeks and check your rankings.  If no movement has happened in the rankings, do all of the above steps one more time.  If you still aren’t ranking after another two weeks, then it’s time to pull out the big guns and look at spending more money on higher quality links.  (Or look at your expectations for your keywords)  A SEO expert is always nice to consult as well, and that’ll cost some money.

There is a lot more to SEO than just this, of course, but it’s where I like to start for most of the folks who want a simple recipe.




6 thoughts on “Our standard SEO ranking recipe

  1. Anthony says:

    I like the recipe concept, adding and taking away as needed. I do have a question. What is the difference between One Hour Indexing and Linklicious? Why would I use one of the other? If I have a small budget, which would be the one to start with?

    1. Justin Anderson says:

      Hi, One Hour Indexing is more effective than Linklicious – that’s the main difference 🙂 The best one to start with is Linklicious if you have a small budget.

  2. Dennis lee says:

    nice plan
    but fiverr gigs is something you should stop using
    most of fiverr gig links are low quality google ban hammer will be your next friend

    real press release is not cheap, the same with real social links
    dripfeedlinks? links from them are from GSA even using a naked url your still poisoning your link profile with that low quality

    highpr home page links are okay but i doubt its a cheap..

    i like the pyramid styling but, be carefull where to get/buy the links

    cheap links are garbage , if you peanuts you will get monkeys

    end rant

    1. Justin Anderson says:

      Great comment and I totally agree. However, if you use cheap links CORRECTLY then they can work for most local/low competition. Use the higher quality stuff to “launder” the cheaper links.

      If we’re talking about a real company and a real site, then you’d have budget to do more expensive/safer SEO.

  3. hi justin,

    pointing 50 links per day for 2 weeks (14 days x 50 = 700) does it looks to much and might get your site penalize? also, what should you do if you already have backlinks but no ranking? should i point my dfl to my tier 1 instead?


    1. Justin says:

      Definitely long term pointing DFL at your Tier 1 would be beneficial as it’s a volume link solution. I wouldn’t worry a bit about 700 links unless you’re using one anchor over and over, which could lead to a keyword penalty.

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