The Myth of Churn and Burn SEO and the Truth about Backlink Indexing

Remember the good ol’ days when link blasts comprising hundreds or thousands of links from many different sources was the key to ranking in Google?

Apparently, things have changed, all due to Google’s propaganda and the fear of getting penalized which is one of the main goals behind said propaganda. Heck, some of my SEO clients are disturbed by the presence of exact match anchor texts in their link profile, not knowing that they actually need it to rank.

Never the less, what if I told you that link blasts still work very well, even today?

I’m not the only one that knows this. Lots of SEOs are still using this to rank their sites quickly and make good sums of money before Google catches on, and I’ve seen sites ranked this way last for years, receiving substantial traffic from Google without any penalties.

This kind of SEO is called ‘churn and burn’ SEO, and backlink indexers play a major role in its effectiveness.

How Indexing Has Changed Over the Years

Churn and burn SEO involves building tons of backlinks drip fed over weeks or months (depending on keyword competition) to reach the first page of Google, but the problem is that the majority of them won’t get indexed, at least not naturally.

This is simply because Google has gotten better at filtering out links built by GSA, Scrapebox, and other blackhat SEO tools.

All hope is not lost, though. You can still get those links indexed using several methods.

A few years ago, the best way to get Google to notice your backlinks was through pinging. You would simply copy your links and paste them in a bulk ping tool and hit submit.

Pinging tools used to produce fantastic results until Google dialed down their effectiveness. Now they are almost worthless.

I remember how I would publish a new post, ping the url, and see it in the search results a few seconds later. It was almost magical, but, sadly, those days are gone.

You can still index your new blog posts rapidly by fetching and submitting them to Google via the webmaster tools console, but that isn’t useful for indexing backlinks since you don’t own the sites linking to you.

What Works Now

After Google killed ping tools, a new solution surfaced…backlink indexers. Backlink indexers are built off a secret recipe that speeds up indexing. The original backlink indexer was One Hour Indexing (part of the HKSEO network). It existed for a while before competitors imitated our service and produced their own versions of it.

The introduction of One Hour Indexing into the Black Hat World marketplace was good news for all SEOs. We were getting their backlinks indexed in less than an hour, thus the name ‘One Hour Indexing’, and all that was achieved without pinging or building links.

Google tweaked their algorithm to cripple indexing services back in June 2015, but we’re still getting backlinks indexed fast. It just takes longer than an hour now.

Some competitors claim to be good at this, but all they do is build links to your backlinks, an activity that could complicate matters for you if they’re building undesirable links to your backlinks.

Despite the competition and Google’s update, we’re still producing better results than the competition as proven by this case study.

Here’s another recent case study proving the effectiveness of One Hour Indexing.

If you’re looking for a backlink indexing solution, One Hour Indexing is hands down your best bet.

What If you’re Not Engaged in Churn and Burn SEO?

If you’re not building thousands of backlinks, you can still benefit from using One Hour Indexing. That’s because you can index 10 or 1,000 backlinks using it. The volume doesn’t matter.

So, if, for example, you’re building 20 PBN links per month and don’t feel like manually submitting them to Google or waiting for Google to index them, you can take advantage of the power of One Hour Indexing.

Also, if you recently published hundreds of pages on your website and want to get them indexed fast, One Hour Indexing can help you.

Tell Us about your Experience

Have you used any backlink indexer in the past? If yes, please share it in the comments along with your experience with it.

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