[Review] Keyword Supremacy by Todd Spears and Herc Magnus

Keyword research should be the foundation of ALL your online marketing efforts.  Read that again and let it soak in…  Picking the right keywords to focus on can very often be the difference between success or failure.

Let’s take a look at a random example:

Nike – High volume, high level competition, but not a “buying” keyword.

Nike Running Shoes – High volume, high competition, starting to near a buyer keyword

Nike Air Max Reviews – Low volume, mid-level competition, buyer keyword

Buy Nike Air Max 2016 – Very low volume, low competition, perfect buyer keyword

Notice as you get more specific, the volume of searches goes way down, but the buyer intent goes way up.  So not only are these keywords more valuable, but there is much less competition.  (After all, do we ever think ranking for ‘Nike’ will happen?!)

Check out my blog post here for a much more in depth review of exactly how to perform keyword research.


I can sit for hours playing with the Google Keyword Tool, getting ideas, guessing competition strength, and judging Keyword Supremacy Reviewmy keywords for buying intent.  But using tools to automate difficult and repetitive tasks is one of the obvious things that beginners miss and can really improve both your chances for success and your quality of life.  I regularly use tools in my day to day SEO efforts and it’s what’s led me to building some of the top link building and indexing services.

Let me tell you a bit about a tool I’ve been using recently called Keyword Supremacy.  This tool was built by Todd Spears and Herc Magnus in an effort to provide SEOs with a single tool they can use for everything related to identify keywords.  This includes keyword discovery, keyword competition, keyword suggestions from multiple sources like Google, Google Local, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, eBay, and even Alibaba.

My recommendation is to spend as much time using this tool and all the available keyword suggestion engines as you need to FULLY understand your niche.  After all, one little word you find can bring in multiple sales a month.  (Or in the case of one of my real estate clients, $50,000 per extra lead!)
– Super easy to use
– Hooks into the top several web sources for keyword suggestions
– A reasonable approximation of keyword difficulty
– Service owners are very responsive to suggestions and support

– All of this information is available for free at the individual sites
– While credits are used sparingly, it seems a bit random
– It can be a bit frustrating waiting for reports to load

Check out this quick demo and walkthrough I made for the Keyword Supremacy product.



So let’s bottom line this product…  I think it’s a fantastic tool for doing research because it centralizes and automates the hours and hours that it’d otherwise take to do it manually.  I personally know both the owners of the tool and they’re among the sharp guys in the industry and support their products well.  The price is low and the credits don’t expire so even if you don’t have a ton of research to do, you can keep this in your toolbox ready to go when you do need it.  And of course it’s great not having another monthly subscription to keep track of as well!

Go check out the service for yourself and let me know what you think…


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