How to Use YouTube Videos for Generating Site Traffic

I’ve been in the SEO space for years and I’ve only seen 1 or 2 things that work better than videos for marketing online.

In earlier years, videos didn’t hold much weight in marketing. Most internet marketers were publishing articles containing text and images only.

Fast-forward to today and video marketing has become a technique every savvy internet marketer is leveraging to drive more traffic to their websites – and you’re probably missing out on a lot of traffic if you’re not using it already.

The best part of this is it doesn’t involve or require any complicated activities. Sure, if you find video creation too difficult, there are a host of services online that can get a video done for you in minutes, but you don’t even need to outsource anything.

Video Maker FX and Camtasia are simple (yet powerful) video creation tools that any newbie can use to create a video in minutes. You simply create slides, add some background music, and bam! You’ve got a video ready to promote.

Nevertheless, none of that is necessary!


How about using someone else’s video to drive traffic to your website? This is so easy it can’t even be expressed in words. I mean, how much easier can it get?

If you remember, this article is about using public videos for traffic generation; public videos available anywhere and posted by anyone. You won’t be spending any time creating videos yourself or shelling out a dime to outsource it. You’ll be curating videos freely available on the web.

Before you ask, there is nothing wrong with this. Public videos are free to curate and no one is going to forward a DMCA take-down notice to you.

If you’re interested, keep reading as I explain how you can implement this awesome traffic generation strategy.

The Strategy Explained in Simple Steps

First off, you need to have a live site in any niche. The bigger the niche, the higher the traffic potential. I like to perform a small test to see if this traffic generation strategy is viable in my niche.

Go over to YouTube and search for videos in your niche using relevant keywords. If the results include many popular videos, then it’s a good niche. This is also the first step you should take while implementing this strategy.

The next step involves web 2.0 blog creation. Visit sites like,,, and other web 2.0 sites that let users create free blogs of their own. Sign up for a free account and create a new blog.

I tend to add relevant long-tail keywords to the titles and URLs of these blogs, but this is optional. I do this for the added benefit of ranking for long tail keywords and sending even more traffic to my money sites.

Once your blogs are created, head back to YouTube and pick a few popular videos you’d like to post on your new blogs. It helps to watch them first to make sure they don’t contain any ads that may leak out traffic from your blogs to external sites.

After verifying that the videos meet this requirement, you can start posting. Make a new post on each blog and embed the videos in your posts along with a short description. Most web 2.0 platforms have some form of WYSIWYG editor that makes embedding videos a breeze.

Be sure to include a few relevant long tail keywords in the description of each video and the titles of all posts before posting.

Your curated videos will start ranking in Google for relevant long tail keywords and attracting a trickle of traffic. Over time, as your blogs age and gain more authority and as you keep posting more videos, this traffic will grow to something significant.

This strategy relies on frequent posting to achieve good results. The greater the number of daily posts made, the higher the traffic potential.

You can also get more out of this by sharing every new post on social platforms to attract social traffic. The more traffic sources, the better. If you know what you’re doing, you can even generate more social traffic than you could ever get from Google. A good way to achieve this is to curate and share viral videos.

When the traffic starts coming in, you need to track your long-tail keyword rankings to figure out which posts are performing well and which ones need to be improved upon. You can either use a rank tracker like Pro Rank Tracker for this or track your rankings manually.

You also need to keep track of your traffic sources using a free analytics tool such as Google Analytics. This will help you determine which of your web 2.0 blogs are sending the most traffic to your money site so you can either focus more on the winners or spend some time improving the underperformers.

How to Make Money Doing This

There are several ways to monetize your new traffic streams. The most popular way is to link to and direct readers to your money sites where they can purchase your products, click on ads, opt into your list, etc.

You can also choose to monetize the traffic on those blogs directly using ads or affiliate links. Use this method if you just want to make some cash and don’t care if your money sites receive more visitors or not.

I use the former method most of the time to prevent my little blogs from getting deleted. Some web 2.0 platforms have rules regarding monetization and I don’t bother to read them.

So, just to be safe, I don’t place any ads or affiliate links on my traffic streams. The traffic is only monetized when they get to my money site, so that’s where I put all my effort into – getting them to click through to my site.

Automating the Entire Strategy with Video Jeet

Video Jeet is a product that automates this entire strategy. It searches for videos based on your keywords, curates, and posts them to free blogging platforms. It can…

  • Curate videos for any keyword and in any niche
  • Follow any YouTube channel and curate their latest videos
  • Automatically edit video descriptions and links to include your own content
  • Automatically create posts with curated videos on your web 2.0 blogs
  • Ping search engines to speed up the indexing of your new posts
  • Schedule your posts and publish them at the rate and time you want
  • Share your posts on social platforms for even more traffic

There’s so much it can do, but instead of rambling, I’ll just let you check it out yourself.

Over to You

I stumbled upon this awesome traffic generation strategy after reading a review of Video Jeet. I put it to the test immediately and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Don’t expect to receive thousands of visitors to your blogs after posting your first few videos, though. It takes a bit of time to achieve good results.

All in all, it’s a great strategy and it works much better when automated with a tool like Video Jeet. Believe me, manually curating videos everyday can quickly become tiring.

2 thoughts on “How to Use YouTube Videos for Generating Site Traffic

  1. Sam Peter says:

    Thanks a lot this seems interesting, but i am having a question that how from web 2.0 blog will send traffic to my primary blog.

    1. Justin Anderson says:

      Web 2.0s will rank MUCH easier than a random blog post. Over time you’ll pick up lots of long tail traffic. (And, of course, it’ll link back to your main site giving it extra link juice love)

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