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  • Web based so NO software to install

  • ALL without being a pushy salesperson

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What’s The Secret?

Every business owner automatically shuts down when they hear from a salesperson. Every single day they get hit up with companies offering to “Help your website show up on Google”. How do you stand out from the crowd?

The key to making sales is to NOT try to make sales. GIVE value instead of trying to TAKE money.

In other words, be their Marketing Hero!

THIS is the one secret that will skyrocket your success rate. (It sure did for me and our many customers using this approach)

Here Is How This Magic System Works…

(You’re going to slap your head after recognizing
how simple this can be...)

Simply changing the dynamic from pushy sales guy to helpful techie giving value flips the script
and makes YOU the expert they trust.


Run a Hero
Analysis Report

Our web-based software breaks down EVERYTHING about their current web site and assigns them a letter grade. Hint: It's usually not very good and makes them HATE failing!


Provide The Report To
Your Prospect
(And as you can see,
cold calls are not required!)

This can be done by physically walking in or through an email sequence, which is what we typically do.


Follow Up (Or Wait For
Them To Follow Up)

You showed them that they had a big problem and offered to help explain it to them. Get them on the phone or in person to walk through it and explain the reasons they need a better site. (Hint: lower ad spend, higher rankings, more traffic)


Lock In
The Sale

Most businesses can’t stand their web guy, so it comes back to you as an easy engagement. If they DO have a web guy, then push for another small sale that you can easily fulfill – video commercial, press release, etc. You have their attention and have given value, so they’ll listen!

How Am I So Sure About The Success You Will Have Using This System?

Well, We've Been In The Trenches For Years And Years…

As I hinted at before, I’ve been doing this for 15 years and learned A LOT along the way. Here are a handful of the awesome companies that I’ve done web work for…

And my team has also built some of the industry-leading SEO tools…

We’ve delivered amazing work for our clients over the years and over time have automated and scaled our systems into truly awe inspiring. We’re talking over a million dollars in sales for both client work and software sales/subscriptions.

When I present this solution, feel safe knowing it comes backed by years of painful experience and amazing successes!

So What Is This Magic Report That Opens
And Closes Sales??!

Each report is around 30 pages long and outlines everything the site is doing right and wrong. This includes site speed, meta tags, alt tags, keyword density, mobile friendly and everything in between. The report is totally customized to include your logo, contact info and even a customized message.

And See Their Fantastic Results
In Closing Deals…

I'm Ready To Make Massive Profits

Get Local Marketing Hero Now

We Accept These Options


Days Money BackGuarantee

What's Included With This Offer

  • Access to the ALCE Analysis Reporting web site

  • Detailed training video and document for FULLY OUTSOURCING the work.

  • Swipes for a full email drip campaign to get you in the door and close that sale

  • Run up to 20 site reports per day

Note: This particular software report is taken directly out of our Be A Hero training mastermind group. It’s been such a success factor there that we wanted to include it here. However, it will only be here for a limited time.

This service is worth $197/month but during this introductary launch period you get this at $97/month.

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We Accept These Options


Days Money BackGuarantee

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If in the first 14 days you don't like the system - for whatever reason I'll give you ALL your money back with this guarantee.

Even better, if you use our tools actively for 60 days, work with our support team and for whatever reason cant get them to work I will refund DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK. This is the type of deal you don't ever see and I can only make this because we already have so many thousands of successful customers using our tools. Your purchase is literally no risk.

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Get Local Marketing Hero Now

We Accept These Options


Days Money BackGuarantee

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